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  We offer Continuing Education courses designed to assist agents with the challenges that come with being a real estate professional. Each course includes practical information, which all real estate professionals need in order to be effective in such a competitive and fast-changing profession. Each course is taught by leading Real Estate educators with years of experience and teaching skill. We are happy to offer special scheduled classes for groups of 15 or more.

Attendance: Students must attend at least 90% of scheduled class in order to receive credit for the course. We will not allow late admittance. Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to class start time to register. Bring your license pocket card.

 Refund :  Full tuition will be refunded if written cancellation is received 10 days prior to course date. In case of schedule conflicts,students will be able to transfer to any of our other CE courses with no additional fee. Walk-in registrations will be  charged an additional $5 per course.

CE Credit Reporting

1) It is important that you take your pocket card with you to each CE class. You will need to accurately record your correct license number on the official course completion report.

2) If you take a Commission-approved CE course, the sponsor will report your course completion to the Commission. You should NOT send to the Commission the course completion certificate issued to you by the sponsor - keep this for your personal records. You can check/review your CE credits by going to the "Licensee Login" or "Licensees Only" area of this Web site. (Please allow 15 days after completion of a course for it to be posted to your record.)  


Questions & Answers

  1.  I forgot to take CE last year.  What do I need to do?

The rule concerning license reactivation is uniform and applies regardless of how long the license has been inactive.  To return to active status, a licensee must:

A.  complete the current year's CE requirement in full, i.e., take the General Update and any 4 hour approved elective; and then

B.  take either 1 or 2 approved electives to make up for the number of hours you lacked during the immediately preceding license year; and then

C.  send the Commission an activation form (REC 2.08 - available online) asking them     to return your license to active status and, if applicable, the name and address of the office where you will be affiliated

2.  Must I take CE in order to receive a referral fee?

YES!  To lawfully engage in brokerage activity, you must not only have a real estate broker license, but it must be on active status at the time you provide the brokerage services.  A person may renew, and thus keep, a broker license for years without it being on active status (but can't engage in brokerage during that period).   It is relatively painless to activate an inactive license, even after years of dormancy, but the consequences of failing to renew a license are more dire.  It truly is amazing the number of licensees who think that their license is inactive, when in fact it has been expired for months or years.

Current versus Expired:    "Current" means the renewal fee (presently $45) has been paid between May 15-June 30 (each year). "Expired" means the renewal fee was not paid prior to June 30 and the person or entity no longer has a license.

Reinstating an Expired License: What one must do to regain the license s/he previously had depends on how long the license has been expired.  Consult any General Update or BICUP student manual during the past 8-years or visit www.ncrec.What do I need to do to become a BIC?3) You can check/review your CE credits by going to the "Licensee Login" or "Licensees Only" area of this Web site. (Please allow 15 days after completion of a course for it to be posted to your record.)  

 3.  What do I need to do to become a BIC?

To qualify to declare yourself a BIC, you must:.  

A.   have an active broker license not on provisional status;

B.   have two years full-time brokerage experience (4,000 hours), or equivalent part-time experience, within the preceding five years;

C.   send the Commission the Broker-in-Charge Declaration form (REC 2.04);   and

D.   take the Commission's 12-hour Broker-in-Charge Course within 120 days of declaring unless the broker completed the course within three years prior to declaring. 

 Taking the Broker-in-Charge Course does not make you a BIC.  It may help prepare you to become a BIC and you will be required to take it at some point, but you will never be a BIC until you send the Broker-in-Charge Declaration form (REC 2.04) to the Commission.  

3.  What does BIC-eligible mean?

​BIC-eligible refers to a broker who has officially declared him/herself as a BIC with the Commission and who, after stepping down, has maintained his/her eligibility by always renewing his/her license before June 30 and taking the right CE.  No broker will ever reach BIC-eligible  if s/he never sends the Commission a Broker-in-Charge Declaration Form (REC 2.04).  

4.   If I lose my BIC or BIC-eligible status how can I get it back?

Once a broker attains BIC-eligibility, s/he will lose that eligibility if s/he ever has a license s/he can't use, i.e., inactive, expired, surrendered, suspended or revoked, or if s/he fails to take the Broker-in-Charge Update as his/her mandatory Update in any license year following the license year in which the broker declared as BIC. A broker who attains, but later loses, BIC eligibility won't be able to immediately re-declare as BIC.  Instead, s/he must take the following steps in the order indicated.

A.   Do whatever is necessary to return your license to active status, i.e., pay to reinstate an expired license and complete any CE required to reactivate.


B.   Send the Commission the activation/affiliation form (REC 2.08) requesting that your license be returned to active status,


C   Complete the Commission's 12 hour Broker-in-Charge Course regardless of when you last took it.

Only after completing Steps A, B & C above may you can then send the Commission a BIC Declaration form (REC 2.04) asking to be redesignated as BIC at a particular location   

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